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In addition to submitting an application form (see umanitoba.ca/admissions), all applicants are required to attend a writing session where they will be asked to write a brief essay on an assigned topic. Forty-five minutes will be allowed to complete this requirement. Applicants will be assessed for English usage and style (specifically, grammar, vocabulary, sentence and essay structure, spelling, etc). A maximum of twenty points will be awarded.

You may sign up for any date listed below, but
you must submit your application form and fee by the Wednesday, February 15, 2023 deadline

The writing dates are as follows:

These sessions will be held in the Education Building at the University of Manitoba, Fort Garry Campus.

Applicants residing in Winnipeg or surrounding areas (within a 2 hour drive to Winnipeg) are asked to attend one of these sessions. Applicants who do not reside in Winnipeg or surrounding areas are permitted to complete the writing skills exercise at a centre closer to them. In addition, an applicant may request the services of Student Accessibility Services. Contact the Coordinator for Admission to the Faculty of Education, Desiree Kennedy (Desiree.Kennedy@umanitoba.ca), to make arrangements for these situations. Applicants must present photo ID for entrance to the writing session. In addition, applicants should be reminded that they can only attend one of the sessions scheduled. For optimal choice of writing session, applicants should register early.

For more information please contact the Faculty of Education at 204-474-9004 or bachelor.education@umanitoba.ca.

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Please use capital and lower case letters as appropriate and enter your name as it will appear on your application materials.
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Writing Skills Exercise

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Regular Sessions

Sessions will be closed for registration at 4:00 PM the previous day.

Practicum Placement Information

The information you enter in this section will only be used to find a potential practicum placement for you. It is separate from the admissions process and will not affect admission decisions.

If you have any questions about the school placement process, you can contact the Practicum & Partnerships office at practicum.education@umanitoba.ca or 204-474-9040

For more information regarding schools in Manitoba, see the Manitoba Education website: http://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/schools

  Please choose the stream that you intend to choose (or have chosen) on your application form.
Teachable Subjects
  Please choose the subjects that you intend to choose (or have chosen) on your application form.
  Note: Consult your application materials for permissible majors and minors for each stream
  Music Majors/Minors - Musical Instrument(s) Played:
Special Practicum Options:

The Faculty of Education has a number of special practicum options that may be of interest to you. Please indicate whether you have an interest in each option then continue on to respond to the practicum placement questions below. You can request most special practicum options for one term only, or for both terms. Some options, if chosen, must be taken over both terms. Please note that indicating an interest in a special practicum option does not guarantee that your placement will be in that option. Some options have particular requirements and/or limited places available.

For more information about these options, please see the Practicum Guide. Note: this is the current (2022) practicum guide and is subject to revision for 2023.

Are you interested in:

  Adult Education Practicum
  French Immersion Practicum
  Indigenous Studies Practicum
  Northern Practicum
  First Nations/Home Community
  NOTE: Some of the above options have requirements and deadlines that must be met. Make sure you consult the Practicum Guide.
  Have you consulted the Practicum Guide?
Division/School Preferences
Choose the division(s) you would prefer to be placed in considering the following:
  • The boundaries of each school division
  • Your access to a vehicle versus public transportation
  • The potential travel time to the school division
  Will you have access to a vehicle during practicum?
  • If you will be living at a different address during the school term than the one you entered (or will enter) in your application, please indicate where you will be living during the school term
    (name of town, area of Winnipeg or postal code).

Urban or Rural?

  • If you choose "Rural" as your preference, you must choose three rural divisions
  • If you choose "Urban" as your preference, you must choose three urban divisions
  • If you choose "Either" as your preference, you must choose at least three divisions - one urban, one rural, and at least one other (urban or rural)
  • If you have chosen the Northern Practicum option
    • choose "Either" as your preference
    • choose "Frontier School Division" for your first rural preference
    • choose one urban division
    • and one or more other divisions (urban or rural).
Would you prefer an urban (Winnipeg) or rural placement?
Urban Division Preferences

Rural Division Preferences

Conflict of Interest
You are required to identify any school(s) that would place you in a conflict of interest
  • schools in which you have been recently employed;
  • schools where you have an immediate family member employed or attending
    (Immediate family member includes grandparent, parent, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins)
  • schools you have previously attended
  • If you are unsure, please contact the Practicum and Partnerships Office
Need help finding a school name?

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Schools you have selected as conflict of interest:

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Accomodations
Reasonable accommodation will be provided in all parts of the school placement process as required under the University of Manitoba Accessibility policy. Teacher Candidates need only to make their needs known in advance.

Teacher Candidates who anticipate needing special accommodations are encouraged to register with Student Accessibility Services and to speak with an Academic Advisor about the kinds of supports needed. For more information contact the Student Services office at 204-474-9004 or email bachofed@umanitoba.ca.

Do you require accommodations under the University of Manitoba Accessibility policy?
  (If yes, the P&P Office will contact you to discuss).
Additional Information (optional)
  • Please provide any additional information that you feel is critical for the Field Partner Liaison to consider when arranging your placement.