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Dr. Ed Johnson, Professor

Tel: (204) 474-9006
Fax: (204) 474-7599
Office: P416 Duff Roblin

Post-Doctoral Fellow (1991-1993), Centre for Applied Cognitive Science, University of Toronto (O.I.S.E.).    

Ph.D. (1991, Waterloo) Clinical Psychology (APA/CPA accredited).  
B.A. (Hons.) (1984) Queen's University at Kingston.


Applicants to the UM Clinical Program:  
I am planning to admit a student in 2019. If you would like me to consider admitting you please read the following carefully. International students should know that I give priority to Canadian applicants when qualifications are similar. 

Students seeking an Honours thesis advisor

As I will be on research leave in Winter 2020 I will not be accepting any honours thesis students for 2019-2020.

Information for students considering working with me.  
Before contacting me directly, I encourage you to spend some time learning about my research interests by reading over this web page and by obtaining and reviewing any articles of mine that interest you. This will give you a clearer idea about my research and allow you to be more specific when approaching me about the sorts of ideas or phenomena that interest you.  
My approach to research advising.  
I really enjoy research and get excited by thinking about new ideas and how to explore them. I am looking for students who share that excitement and who are willing to work hard to translate their ideas into results. I offer my students direction and support during the initial problem-finding phase of research, careful feedback during the proposal development stage, as-needed consultation during data collection and analysis, and careful feedback during the write-up phase.  
I meet regularly with my students to discuss progress, new ideas, and coordinate activities.  
I also strongly encourage my students to be active in presenting and publishing their work. This is essential to success in obtaining scholarships and fellowships and is excellent training.  
If you are interested in working with me please (a) email me to let me know; and (b) explain in your application letter what aspects of my research interest you and why.  
You should also indicate:  
a. What research experience you have;  
b. What experience you have working with persons with mental health concerns  
c. What your professional goals are.  
Thank you in advance for your interest. If you choose to apply to work with me you will need to list my name in your application where it asks you to list your top 3 advisor preferences. Normally, I consider primarily those students who list me as their top priority as an advisor.

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