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Dr. Randall K. Jamieson, Professor


NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow (McMaster University, 2007)
Doctorate (Queen's University, 2005)
Masters (Queen's University, 2001)
Bachelors (York University, 1999)

Professional Experience

Academic Positions

Professor (Manitoba, 2017)
Visiting Scholar (Indiana, 2017)
Associate Professor (Manitoba, 2011)
Assistant Professor (Manitoba, 2007)

Professional Positions

Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Editor, Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology
Department Head (Acting), Psychology
President, Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Science
President, Society for Computation in Psychology
Chair, Brain and Cognitive Science Section (Canadian Psychological Association)

Selected Publications

  • Jamieson, R. K., Johns, B. T., Vokey, J. R., & Jones, M. N. (2022). Instance theory as a domain-general framework for cognitive psychology. Nature Reviews Psychology, 1, 173-184.
  • Jamieson, R. K., Avery, J. E., Johns, B. T., & Jones, M. N. (2018). An instance theory of semantic memory. Computational Brain and Behavior, 2, 119-136.
  • Jamieson, R. K., Mewhort, D. J. K., & Hockley, W. E. (2016). A computational account of the production effect: Still playing twenty questions with nature. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, 70, 154-164.
  • Jamieson, R. K., Crump, M. J. C., & Hannah, S. D. (2012). An instance theory of associative learning. Learning and Behavior, 40, 61-82.
  • Jamieson, R. K., & Mewhort, D. J. K. (2009). Applying an exemplar model to the serial reaction time task: Anticipating from experience. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 62, 1757-1783.

Course Information

Psychology 7310: Computational psychology
Psychology 7310: Psychocinematics
Psychology 7310: Memory disorders
Psychology 7210: Quantitative methods in psychology 2
Psychology 7200: Quantitative methods in psychology 1
Psychology 3580: Language and thought
Psychology 3390: Thinking
Psychology 3340: Design and analysis for psychological experiments
Psychology 2480: Cognitive processes


Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada


I am a cognitive scientist who uses experimental and computational methods to investigate how people and other animals learn, remember, think, and know. I am particularly interested in the problems of implicit learning, associative learning, memory, and knowledge representation. I am also interested in translating theoretical advances into applied cognitive technologies.